How to create an original Essay from Scratch

Essay writing is a skill which should be taught throughout one’s grade school years, and those who enter university should be more than prepared to write quality essays. Yet, this isn’t the case. Often it is because of subpar instruction at the grade school level. For others, it’s because the enormous demands placed on them as a student have led to them too often hiring a coursework writing service to write their essays for them. In either case, it can be alarming to realize that you’re required to write an essay, one which you personally must write, and you’re just not sure how to go about writing an original essay from scratch. This situation comes up especially for those students who discover an instructor intends to assign an in-class essay writing assignment for an exam.

Don’t Panic

Although you may not be experienced in writing essays, you’ve read plenty of them in your time in school. Even your textbook chapters are written in a very essay-like style. Writing an essay from scratch is very likely not nearly as difficult as you imagine it to be. Here are some basic steps that can help you to compose an essay from scratch, quickly.

Compose Your Thesis

Your thesis is your main idea. If you’re writing the essay for a test, your thesis is essentially the answer to the question being asked of you. You should decide on a thesis which you can support using evidence from the text or source material you plan to use in writing your essay.

List Supports For Your Thesis

Come up with three to five ideas which are present in your source material and also can be used to support your thesis.

Create an Outline

When you start your outline, you’ll want to focus only on the body of the essay. That is, you want to create an outline that details a paragraph for each of the ideas you’re going to use to support your thesis. Each paragraph should include an introduction to the idea (one to two sentences), mention the source of the idea, spell out the supporting idea itself, and then transition to the next idea. Once you’ve created the outlines for the body paragraphs, move on to creating an outline for the introduction (first paragraph) and conclusion (final paragraph). You’ll find that having created a detailed outline in this way, you’ll have little difficulty in finally writing an essay from scratch.