Creating a solid term paper: don’t use quotes excessively

A term paper can be easily created if a student is able to maintain their objectivity. It is advisable to avoid excessive use of quotes because they turn the term paper into a dialogue.

Use of excess quotes has the following disadvantages:

  • It turns the term paper into a script
  • Use of too many quotes turns a solid term paper into a dialogue that looks like a play script. It is important to avoid the excessive usage of quotes because they overcrowd the term paper and distort its appearance making it confusing for a reader. Such confusion lead s to a number of complications while reading the term paper making it hard for the reader to understand the information provided.

  • It is exhausting for the reader
  • When a term paper is complicated. It makes it hard for a reader to review it and understand its concepts. Such term papers make the reader have an exhausting experience which tends to have a negative effect on the students performance. Quotes should only be used where necessary. Too much usage is highly inappropriate for a term paper hence they add no value to the term paper.

  • It makes the term paper lose its objectivity
  • Use of too many quotes makes a term paper lose its direction. The term paper ends up lacking objectivity making it hard for the writer to present their arguments clearly or address the subject matter effectively.

  • It makes the term paper complex
  • A term paper is meant to be simple and easy to understand. Use of excessive quotes makes the term paper complex making it hard for a regular individual to understand it. This ruins the sole purpose of academic papers which are meant to bring out information in clear manner.

  • It prevents the student from making proper citations
  • Use of excessive quotes discourages the writer from making proper in-text citations because of the distorted outline of the term paper.

  • It ruins the structure of the term paper
  • Too many quotes ruin the appearance of a term paper. It becomes less appealing making it hard to captivate the reader.

There are a number of tips that help students avoid excess usage of quotes.

These tips include:

  • Organise the term paper content
  • Write the term paper in third person
  • Be vigilant on the number of times the quotes have been used
  • Proofread the term paper