Understand The Message Of Your Term Paper

A message is more than just a form of communication delivered through writing and speech. It's also known as a moral, point or meaning of any topic, which is typically expressed through a work of writing or art.

Term papers are a work of writing. Therefore, a term paper must have some type of message or main point behind the entire work. The message or point behind the work is often questioned at the start of the work in the form of a thesis statement. The entire point of the term paper, from that point on, is to successfully answer that statement and exemplify the point behind the entire work.

The message behind a conclusion

Student writers should understand the message of their term paper before writing a successful conclusion. Like an introduction, conclusions help readers understand the point behind reading their term paper. In fact, a conclusion is defined as a 'paragraph or series of paragraphs that help readers understand why a student writer's] research should matter to them after reading a term paper.

A conclusion should essentially consist of a student's understanding of their term paper's message. Therefore, conclusions are a way for students to show readers their overall understanding of their research and presented thesis statement.

Writing a good conclusion

In order to successfully convey the message of a term paper, it's important to write a compelling conclusion. According to academic resources, students can write a good conclusion by following the following steps:

  • Presenting a conclusive opinion about their thesis subject. Conclusions are constructed to leave readers with a lasting impression about the term paper as a whole. It's recommended to retread key points from the findings or analysis in the research paper to accomplish this.
  • Summarizing thoughts and conveying a larger perspective related to the term paper. Besides summarizing their conclusive thoughts, student writers should also implicate the 'bigger picture' of their research findings, placing what they found up against other research in their field as another 'piece in that puzzle.
  • Showing how important their ideas are. The conclusion is supposed to allow a student to successfully convince a reader that the ideas they presented are important. Students should feel free to elaborate on those specific ideas.

The conclusion should be a way for students to make their readers regard their term paper's research as important. Therefore, student writers should write their conclusions in a way that best expresses their understanding of their term paper.