Undergraduate Thesis Writing: how to avoid Copy-Pasting 

There are a number of sources of information available for students who need to write a thesis. These sources are available any time they are needed. Those options include online sources, business and medical journals, textbooks, newspapers and magazines and more. Each of these various sources of information can certainly come in handy when you are writing your paper, and a great number of students turn to these sources so that a great thesis can be constructed. But there is one thing to remember, and that is you should use these papers as examples only, never copying and pasting information that you found.

Are you a Thief?

Avoiding copying and pasting is not hard to do, and you can still use these samples that you have found. The key is to remember that this is the property of another person, and if you want to recuse it then you will need to put it into your own words and your own perspectives of things. It is really easy to do this by not taking notes using direct statements, and by rewriting what you has read while also adding your own mix to the statement.

Check your Work

There are also multiple plagiarism checkers available online that should be used before submission of your paper. Many of these checkers are free, but some charge a small fee per check that is performed. This is far cheaper than the consequences of handing in a copied paper.

Using samples that you find online is perfectly acceptable and a brilliant way to gain ideas for writing your paper however, it is not a proper way to have someone else do your homework for you and possibly steal their information. Even if it is unintentional it is wrong and can land you in a lot of hot water avoid it all by ensuring the samples are used as just that – a way to start your own document, written in your own words.