Writing an elaborate Research Paper Outline for Middle School

A research paper is usually thought of as a paper that high school and college level students must prepare. However, it is also a requirement in middle school as well. During these years a child is really able to express themselves as they gain a better understanding of who they are as a person. They are fresh into writing and have the minds that are eager to learn. Thus middle school is the perfect time to help students learn the basics of writing. This includes how to write an outline.

Step One; the Template

The first thing that should be done is to provide the student with a template that should be followed. At the top of this template the expectation of the student should be listed. The student should be able to easily understand that topic of the research paper as well as the steps of completing the outline.

Choosing a Topic: Make it Enjoyable

Teachers should help students find a topic they enjoy to create their paper from. Students can certainly use this as an opportunity to grow and learn more about something they already enjoy.

Getting to know one another

The introductory paragraph is first. This is a short paragraph of a few sentences that details what the essay paper will be about. The thesis should be described here. The length of the body should have already been determined. This is the next step in the research paper creation. Most teachers ask students to write three to four paragraphs.

The Final Chapter: The Conclusion

Following these paragraphs is the conclusion. It serves a similar purpose a the introduction, only this summarizes up what you’ve talked about in the report. It should also be short and no more than five sentences in length.

Cite the Sources of Information

Sources are the next bit of information that should be replaced in the report. Sources are what have been used to gather the information for the report. Some middle school teacher elect to help students out a bit here and provide them with a list of resources they can use since this is so often a difficult task.

Middle school children are first introduced into writing as a whole. Helping them find their love of writing can begin with helping them learn how to write an essay. Use the information above and creating that essay will be easy.