5 Horrible Argumentative Essay Topics

You may consider yourself to be a pretty decent, if not good student but suddenly your teacher assigns you an argumentative essay to write. Avoid thinking that persuasive papers and argumentative papers are basically the same to keep your stress in check. Do not stress! Generally it is safe to think that an argumentative essay will present a deeper assertion, with the need to argue the thesis to a more challenging and discerning standard. Obviously check in with your teacher for clarification but chances are you on the right lines of thought.

Not your Standard Essay

Generally papers you will right require a balanced perspective and a demonstration that you understand and consider the validating of all perspectives. This is not the case with an argumentative essay. Here you must align your thinking with one perspective and hold it tight. Do not fear telling your reader what you believe and why you are right. This is what your teacher expects and demands.

Seems simple? Perhaps, but there are still some things you should avoid, horrible topics not suited to an argumentative essay format. Consider the following to prevent your argumentative essay topic going wrong.

  • Be unexpected with your argument. Run far away, staying clear of the usual; too many students have beaten you to it. Video games portraying violence causing violent kids, the over-diagnoses of ADHD is epidemic; stale. If you really are passionate about a stale issue, go for an unusual take on the topic. Here are five essay topics to avoid unless you take it in a direction no one expected.
  • Abortion
  • Prayer in schools
  • Death Penalty
  • Assisted Suicide
  • Gun Control

These essay topics are horrible in that they are old beyond their years, wandering into the realm of the cliché. Most likely there is little left to say. You are also at risk of falling victim the fact that pretty much every freshman takes one of these topics on, again leaving nowhere to really go.

What is required of you is a true exercising of your mind. The horrible argumentative essay topic will be of little concern when you to the unusual. When the students in your class are arguing how adorable their pet guinea pig is in an attempt to warrant keeping them as pets, your best bet is to argue that they are cute but they would make a better meal.