Finding Well Written Admission Essay Samples

An admission essay is your key into the educational institution of your dreams and the beginning of your future in whichever field you may desire. It will encompass your interests, accomplishments and the unique personality you have to offer to future endeavors. It is important that this essay be in your own words and that it presents an accurate description of yourself and your future goals. Sometimes, beginning the first sentence may seem tough so it helps to acquaint yourself with samples of essay that other students have submitted. Here, you will find a few simple tips to help you get started on the road to admission.

First, try heading down to your local library and checking to see if they offer any books on the subject. Search some titles pertaining to essays and college admissions to see if there may be something tailored specifically to your desired field of study. Just skimming through the main points of a few hard copies can help you draw ideas and conclusions about what and how to write your essay.

Next, try searching the internet for well written admission essay samples. Sites such as and are excellent sources for an array of essay samples to browse. Make sure not to plagiarize, as this will not only cost you the admittance you are trying for but could severely affect the rest of your academic career. These samples are a simple starting point for the student who may find themselves in the throes of “writers-block”.

If you are still lacking good ideas to begin your essay, attempt asking other students what approach they took to get accepted into their institution. Try finding staff or students at the school to give you a few pointers. Also, check student blogs on the topic to see if you can get a good foundation to jump start your creativity.

Lastly, take time to look around at which topics and writing styles work best and which ones don't. There needs to be a certain fluidity in your essay that demonstrate your abilities, strengths and goals. In the end, your essay should be a reflection of yourself, your future and your talents which will compel the institution to choose you, the best candidate to represent their school in all of your future endeavors.