Cases of high school dropout continue to escalate especially in developing countries. This creates a wide array effects such as labour market, social and employability problems that exacerbate abilities of these dropouts to successfully have stable careers from mid 20s onward. Nevertheless, data from developed countries such as United States of America shows that dropout rates have been at the lowest since 1980. While this bodes well for the future of these nations, effects of high school dropouts remain a concern. Based on this argument, this essay seeks to critically asses effects of dropping out of high school.

Compared to peers who graduate high school and further their education, high school dropouts face economic impacts thus becoming significantly disadvantaged when trying to meet their financial needs. To conceptualise this argument, Davids and Findalay report that there has been worrying growth in the number of inmates in Australia, United States and Canada’s correctional institutions. The connectedness the report has with the thesis statement is that 48% of these inmates dropped out of high school at various stages in their lives. In further support of this finding, Jonathan and Walter carried a research in developing countries. In a case study of rural areas of Nigeria and Kenya, Jonathan and Walter argue that there are severe income inadequacies among young high school dropouts.

In addition to financial constraints, there is serious problem of family and life impacts. Family and life impact is a multifaceted term that encompasses health related issues as well as general social issues. Report from Center for Labor Market Studies conducted in Northeastern University shows that young men and women lacking at least diploma were more likely to end up in jail compared with same-aged peer with diploma certificate. Consequently, marriage abilities and ownership of homes were reported to be significantly low among the 16 to 35 population in the research. As mentioned earlier, family and life impacts relates to overall health of the dropouts. By average, mortality rates and overall health of high school dropouts is poor owing to lower health benefits coverage as well as lack of health related awareness.


This essay has focused on social incarceration problems faced by high school dropouts. Though it did mentioned high the effects are spread boys and girls, the effects are equally severe among all races, gender and ethnic groups. Nevertheless, these effects tend to persist over their lives with steep declines in their social lives.