Speech and Language Pathology

Oral communication is an important part of our daily life. It helps us to stay connected to the people, surrounding us, satisfy our small everyday needs and receive a big part of information. Most of people cannot even imagine what it is like when you physically cannot express your thoughts. Yet there are a lot of people who suffer from language and speech pathologies, which make a simple sentence said out loud an unreachable goal.

Speech disorders do not necessarily mean the person cannot talk at all. It includes everything that negatively influences the voice of a person, frequency of speech or creates difficulties with pronunciation of some sounds. Though the speech of a person with a disorder of this kind is usually understandable, it can create serious difficulties for the person, as he or she is limited in expressing the thoughts in the same way as other people. It may cause misunderstandings and psychological inconveniences.

Language disorder may involve many other things beside the speech disorders. The main difference is that a person may not have any problems with physically expressing the words, but actually forming thoughts into appropriate words and sentences will be a trouble for them. The main problem is to express exactly what the person want to say, which can also create misunderstandings with the object of communication and create an environment for a person, in which he decides to limit the communication with others at all.

Speech and language pathologies can be stand-alone, combined with each other or be caused by other mental disorders. When combined with each other, the disorders only make the cause of the person much worse (he/she has troubles with both formulating the sentence and expressing it). Moreover, even if it seems like a stand-alone pathology and does not appear to be connected to anything else, to successfully cure it it is necessary to determine the possibility of other physical and/or mental disorders.

Speech and language disorders are considered the illnesses that do not pose any threat to the life of a human, but can seriously complicate one's life. That is why it is important to find out all the symptoms and causes of the pathology at a very early age (if an individual is born with it) or as soon as possible after the symptoms appear. It will help to refuse the damage, done to the organism and make the integration of this person in the society much easier.