Use Of Pat-Downs And Body Scans For Passenger Safety

The Government should not use invasive pat-down and body scans for security at the airports because it interferes with the privacy of the passengers. Using security scanners on passengers exposes the nudeness of those passengers through the X-rays taken. This is not a pleasant site and it is uncomfortable to many passengers screened in American airports. This method of screening interferes with the privacy of the citizens. Full-body scanning done on passengers at airports makes them to feel embarrassed. For flying passengers, pat-down are used for security measures where officers in charge of airport security use fingers instead of hands for inspection. This act makes many passengers feel uncomfortable and they end up refusing groin checks. Invasive pat-down security measure at the airports is demining experience to many American passengers in the airports.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) of America by using pat-downs and invasive scanners is misguided application. These devices were not fully tested to assess their effectiveness. These measures are only used to check terrorist attack without taking into consideration the negative impact they will cause to the citizens. X-ray on passenger bodies may have negative health impact on them due to radiation. TSA security screeners intimidate passengers. They tell passengers to either accept body scans or be subjected to pat-downs. They dictate the passengers who become vulnerable to whatever they demand of them. The whole inspection in the airports by security personnel is ridiculous. Senior passengers as well as disabled are made to go through these unwarranted and aggressive searches. An example is when they put their hands into the pants of an elderly person above 80 years for the search. What a shame?

In conclusion, there are better methods America should use to ensure passenger safety. TSA should embark on focused security. Those passengers suspected to be terrorists should be inspected using pat-downs. TSA should allow low risk passengers at the airport to go though without being molested. Families who are travelling together should get cursory inspection. By using secure flight measure, majority of passengers would get the clearance to print boarding passes. Those matching watch list parameters would undergo secondary screening or be prohibited from flying. This will make travel by air enjoyable and not traumatic. America should use chemical sniffer tests which is less intrusive as compared to use of scanners and tap-downs.