Good Persuasive Essay Topics Are Hard To Find

If you have heard that persuasive essay topics are difficult to create, then you have been totally mislead. Some of the easiest essay topics to find are persuasive ones, especially compared to topics that are available for informative, narrative, and descriptive essays. Yes, there are many cliche persuasive topics; but since nearly everything is arguable today, students should have a relatively easy time finding a topic, especially if they know where to look.

Go to the Journalism Websites

One of the most useful places to look for persuasive essay topics is a media-related site. Not gossip media or social media, but good old journalism sites. The local, national, and international websites are always writing about the latest controversial topic. Those topics can easily become persuasive essays, especially if the big topics are brought down to a manageable, local level.

Visit Student-Focused Writing Blogs

Many of the national and international news organizations actually have blogs dedicated to helping students stay up-to-date on current events. The websites often have posts with long lists of persuasive essay topics that are broken down into curricular areas. Many school districts and universities also have websites dedicated to helping students create essays with pages about possible writing topics.

Use Old Ideas for New Angles

If you still need further assistance finding a good persuasive essay topic, then you can do an Internet search. Searching for “good persuasive essay topics” will bring up more websites that you could ever imagine looking through for topics. Many of the topics are dated, but you are bound to find something that you can work with successfully. If you do not see the perfect topic for you, you can always look for a topic for inspiration. Maybe you decide that you want to write about bullying in schools, but you know that subject has been written about for many years. Instead of focusing on the bully and the victim, you could write about the role of the teacher. You could also look at the role of the school when it comes to cyberbullying that occurs off campus after the school day is finished. Your essay could address the role of the parents when it comes to monitoring their children’s activities.

When you are ready to search for an essay topic, the best idea is to stay open-minded so you can use the ideas you find to develop something you are interested in researching and writing.