How Would You Improve Upward Downward and Horizontal Communication

There are many different methods that can be effectively used in order to improve upward, downward, or horizontal communication. In order to successfully achieve this ambition, it is important to be familiar with the three distinct categorizations of communications that are commonly used in an organization’s structure: downward, upward and horizontal. Using any of these three directions of communications is what establishes the framework of communication and will determine how the flow of communication operates. However, unless you are familiar with the overall type of communication that is taking place it will be difficult to effectively administer change. As an overview, downward communication is a traditional method of the communication process, and this type of communication may be observed in school organizations. This happens when school leaders communicated downward to other school members via speeches, messages in school bulletins, and school handbooks. On the other hand, upward communication happens when the communication travels from staff members to leaders. Lastly, horizontal communication is characterized by the flow of communication on a lateral level or administered through a diagonal cross of the formal chain of command. These are three very distinct ways of communications, which may be employed in order to improve each strategic method. If you are looking to improve the downward, upward, or horizontal way of communicating, there are many different ways to achieve this goal. One of the best ways to improve these methods is by having an open-door policy. This is a particular invitation for a staff to talk about any problem that they may potentially have. In addition, an open door policy may help with having a more honest and open approach in any kind of organization, no matter what type of communication framework is being administered. It is also a good idea to make use of counseling and exit interviews as well. The leader of an organization can mobilize upward communication by providing valuable information of any given method. Alternatively, it is also possible to administer participative techniques that will be generally helpful for any communicative framework. The important part is that the use of union-management committees, quality circles, or suggestion boxes are made of use in order to reap the benefits of more effective communications.

The importance of communicating is that there is information that is freely addressed and acknowledged in the name of improvement. While the frameworks of different methods of communications may have its differences, the improvements may be quite similar in tactics and can be used in a variety of settings as well. There are many benefits to improving the communicative framework, so it is important to expound on the different methods that can be utilized in order to achieve better results.