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Culture is a way of life. American culture is therefore a way of life that Americans practice. The American society is made up of different people with different ethnic groups and cultures. They have a diverse culture because the people are from different states. This is one of the things that make Americans culture interesting because of the beauty diversification that their culture has that helps them in uniting as opposed to bringing division.

The values that are shared by the American people

Americans take pride in their ability to work hard. They are naturally born with a competitive spirit and thus are what makes them to ever want to excel and become the best in what they do. This is what has helped the American to become the best in the various industries that they are engaged in. It has made them the giants they are in business as they are able to see multinational businesses grow. Their hard work and competitive spirit is what has also helped them to be accomplished even in other fields such as sports. They have a way of setting their own records that they will always be winners.

American Cultural Identity

American cultural identity is the set of value that can be identified by the American people. The cultural identity also includes the norms and the beliefs that the American culture identifies themselves in. Language is one element that has shaped the cultural identity of Americans. The Americans use the English language as a way of communication. This is because it is a language that is most spoken by people. Nationalism is also another element that identifies the America culture. Americans take pride in their history. They are involved in the American dream and exercise fully their democratic rights. Their American flag is one of the symbols that they use to display their nationalism.