List of useful argument and persuasion essay topics:

What is an argument and persuasive essay?

 An argument and persuasive essay is a normal essay but your main goal is to convince your audience to agree with everything that you have to say in your paper. A more argumentative style is a paper that is a little bit more in your face whereas a more persuasive style is a paper that is making the same point as you would make in an argumentative style but in a nicer and kinder manner. Either route you take with writing this type of essay will still convince the readers to agree with what you have to say and to be able to see things from your point of view. As long as you fill your paper up with accurate and historical information from sources that are reliable and credible you will have written a wonderful paper.

Examples of argument and persuasion essay topics that are useful:

 When it comes to writing this type of essay you really should choose a topic that is something you actually and personally believe in, let it be something that you are insanely passionate about. Below is a list of examples of topics in which can hopefully inspire you to argue a statement about it and convince others and maybe even help someone out. The examples are as follows:

  • Are athletes paid too much
  •  Should we or should we not use products that are created from the skins of animals
  •  What is better country life or city life
  •  Does lyrics from music promote violence
  •  Should students be able to leave the property of the school for lunch
  •  Is the moon as important as the sun is, why or why not
  •   Are psychic abilities real
  •  When should parents talk to their kids about drugs, a young age or when they are older
  •  What makes a better pet, a cat or a dog
  •  Should food be provided for the poor
  • Are there limitations on the freedom of religion
  •  Should teachers get paid more
  • Do you believe that there should be one currency for the whole world
  •  Should we populate the moon
  •  Should children be paid for doing chores
  •   Is spying patriotic or unpatriotic
  •   Is reincarnation possible
  •   Should there be school all year round
  •  Is it better for books to be banned or to not be banned
  •  Should kids who are under the age of fifteen have Facebook pages
  •  Do you think it is better if we went back to the transportation of horse and buggy