How to write an outstanding Problem Solution Essay?

Essay writing use different methods to seek reader’s attention. Problem/solution essay is the type of essay writing in which a problem is written or put in the essay and then the whole essay revolves around the solution to that problem.

Outstanding problem/solution essay:

Such type of essay which takes a problem and then find out the solution throughout the essay are written in following steps:

  • First of all the thesis or problem statement of the essay is written in the start. The research that is done by the students is all about explaining the solution of the problem.
  • The next step is to make a bridge between the writer and the reader. The writer has to convince the reader that the problem will be solved.
  • Then the writer has to clarify the solution scheme.
  • The writer has to add details on the basis of facts and research to prove that the solution he is providing for the problem is the best solution. He has to squabble to induce the reader that this is the solution only.
  • Disprove the hostility if your essay has any.

The problem/solution essays are not difficult to write. These are the essays which can be written while doing your work all time in your verve.

How to decide the topic of such essays:

  • The problem/solution essay’s topic depends on the daily life issues. You can easily find the problems in your daily life experience. It is the best way to select the topic from your daily life problem. It is most important to tackle the problem in real meanings. You should be very well aware of the problem that what actually the problem is then find the information to write down the solutions to the problem.
  • You have to notice what is happening around you in daily life.
  • The problem is identified in the things that are happening around you. Make a list of the problems that you encounter daily. Sometimes the problem is not seemed to be a bigger one at first glance but while doing research you find it difficult to curtail the problem by finding solutions. So the problem should be vivid and smaller. Once the problem is defined you have to go through the different solutions of the problem. Do not stick to the only one solution of the problem. Find more than solution and select the one that is more supportive.