How to write a successful Essay in 1 Hour

Throughout one’s scholastic career there will be numerous essays assigned for various courses, covering a wide range of topics. While essay writing does take more effort than the typical high school homework, there is no need to spend days dreading and hours laboring to complete the task. Adhere to the following theory for essay writing and complete a successful assignment with less stress and more efficiency.

First, take three minutes to do some critical thinking and free-writing about your topic. Set a timer and begin to quickly jot down any related knowledge you have on the subject, your opinions on the issue at hand, and any emotional response you may have. This will help you choose a direction that you can follow throughout the paper. Decide where you stand on the issue.

When your three minutes are up, read over your list. Choose three ideas that support your view and are easily relatable to one another in some way. You will not be able to include all of your thoughts and feelings in an essay, so select three strong and solid thoughts that will help drive your paper in the direction of your choosing. Arrange your chosen topics in a chronological way so that one idea will easily flow into the next.

Five minutes later, you are ready to begin writing your introductory paragraph. This is where you get to be creative and express your feelings about the topic. Explain the topic being addressed and give some factual information that supports your view on the issue. This should consist of three or four sentences. Finish the first paragraph with your thesis statement, which is simply a list of the three points you previously selected during free-write.

Now that your first paragraph is complete, it is time to flesh out the body of your paper. Start with the first point on your chosen list, and elaborate on the issue by supporting your opinion with facts or data. Remember, this does need to be factual and persuasive, but it does not have to be a novel in length. Be clear and concise in your writing. Typically, five or six well-structured sentences should suffice. If possible, the last sentence of paragraph two will set up the tone for paragraph three. Begin paragraph three with a transition word such as “next” or “therefore” and continue. This is the most time consuming part of essay writing, but since you established the tone and decided on your main points before you began, there should be no writer’s block. Your time will be spent much more productively than if you had decided to just wing it.

Finally, finish your essay with a conclusion paragraph. Basically, restate your thesis statement and make your last attempt at persuading the reader toward your perspective. Now that you have successfully written all five paragraphs, your essay is complete. Proof-read your paper for spelling and grammar errors, save and submit. The only thing you have left to do is fill your new-found free-time with something much more enjoyable!