How to compose an Introduction of the Essay

Aside from the thesis statement, the introduction is another important part of the essay. The thesis statement leads up to the introduction and the introduction leads up to the rest of the essay and further prepares the reader for either the issue you are about to discuss or what you are trying to explain or the argument you are about to present. To make a strong introduction requires a few steps. These steps involve being detailed and focused so that the introduction is brief but clear about what your intentions are for your essay.

The thesis statement

The start of the introduction is a thesis statement usually. This is the leading statement. This statement is usually one or two sentences that lead into the rest of the introduction and clearly state the issue you are trying to understand or discuss. A thesis statement is an important part of the essay and especially to the introduction. The thesis statement is not a complete paragraph or introduction. It is a brief two sentences that explains the essay and leads the reader into the essay.

The Topic

Before a thesis statement, you must pick a strong topic. A topic should be vague enough so that you have enough to research about, but detailed enough so that you can remain focused in your essay. You should also start with two or three topics and then research to see what the best topic would be for your situation.


Research is important to finally formatting and starting your introduction. Once you get research, you can start organizing your essay and after creating the rest of the essay, you can build your introduction to lead into what you have to say.

The rest of the paragraph

An introduction should only be about a paragraph long. The introduction should state what your intentions are for the rest of the essay and what you want to teach or what you want to argue for your essay. You should also include a brief explanation of the results you are trying to achieve with with your essay and what it will contribute to the field you are writing for. An introduction leads into your argument and the details of your essay. It leads into your research, details how you came to the conclusion you did, what the conclusion is and what you can do for the future for further understanding.