Organizational Culture And Values

The culture of your organization is essentially its “personality,” usually defined by your company’s beliefs, its traditions, and core values are. Your organization’s culture is a key competent to providing high-quality services for your consumers, as it not only molds your administration and employees (namely their behavior), but it also determines how your customer’s will interpret your busy and respond to situations your company presents. Now, you still may be wondering why your organization’s culture and values are important. Why do you need them?

Well, values are a critical cornerstone of every organization whether they’re aware of it or not. Your company’s values are what is important to them—what they strive to achieve each and every day. Usually, this tends to resolve around how you interact with both your customer and fellow employees. Through this your business is able to motivate specific mannerisms and underline how each individual should approach their work ethic.

These values that you set forth will also play a vital role in the development of your company policy (in fact, your values essentially are your company’s policy. At the very least, they are the founding layers of it). You company’s policy, in turn, is the operational lifeblood of your organization. It determines the rules and processes individuals are meant to follow, and informs your administration and employees how they are\should interact with each other on both a private and professional level. Every organization in the known world has policies, and these are derived from the prime values of the business in question.

Organizational culture also plays a heavy role in the expansion of the organization. It assist administrators in deciding who to hire, as they’ll be looking for someone who “fits in well” with the standards set forth by company policy. They’ll be looking at individuals who share similar values to the organization and adapt well to the atmosphere of the work place. If a company’s core value is the love of the color blue, chances are they aren’t going to hire someone who detests the color.

Simply put, your organization culture and core values essentially determine who and what your business is to the people you represent. While some cultures can be incredibly strict (as seen in major corporations), others are warm and friendly (smaller, local businesses). In both cases, their culture and values helped mold them from the ground up.