Classification of different Forms and Styles of an Essay Writing

Forms and styles of essay writing mainly depend on the writer and what they aim to communicate to their audience. University students, lecturers, researchers, and writers may vary in their approach to essay writing because of their educational background, their subject content or intended audience. Descriptive styles of writing essays are give sensory details which appeal to the sensory organs. The details make the reader feel exactly what the writer describes almost physically with their senses. They appeal to the physical, emotional or intellectual sensibilities of the readers. Descriptive essays can be repetitive to emphasize a particular feeling or create a dominant impression. They mainly focus on physical elements like the scene or setting of what the essay describes.

While descriptive styles focus on the physical and the senses, narrative styles focus on the plot. Writers that use this style often have flashback or flash forwards in their work, with clever transitions. The aspects that make the essay a narrative style one are often arranged chronologically, with the aim of creating suspense. They focus on the plot and organize their ideas chronologically. Another essay writing type is exemplary type. This is just as the name suggests. They are usually generalized essays that use credible examples to relay their points. The compare and contrast style is another common one. This style shows the reader differences or similarities between two or more points, objects or ideas. It is crucial to consider the reason for the comparison, the audience targeted and the purpose of writing the essay when doing on with this style.

Cause and effect style is another type of essay writing. They describe a chain of events and then give the effects or consequences. The arrangement is normally in careful language, with the causal chain arranged to emphatic effect. Definition type essays explain the meanings of terms and complex ideas while classification and division type essay writing styles classify objects into a large group then break it down. Another common writing style is dialectic. Dialectic writing styles are common in philosophy and ethics. Here, the writer presents an idea and an ensuing argument. After this, they object to the argument they have given. They then go a step further to counter the counter argument, giving a final refined idea. This type of essay writing style covers any possible flaws in the ideas presented, and gives the feeling of an open minded review.