20 Good Compare and Contrast Topics You Will Love to Write About

When writing a compare and contrast essay, it is important to keep some things in mind. The ultimate objective for this type of essay is to attain a higher understanding of the topics discussed, through means of comparison and contrast. Selecting a topic to compare and contrast can be intimidating; some of the topics you might want to consider can be people, events, locations, or even brands. Once you’ve chosen a topic, the easiest thing to do would be to create a list that shows the differences and similarities between the topics, this will ensure your essay is strong. The following are some interesting topics you can write about:

  1. Microsoft & Apple: This topic holds a lot of room for discussion as the debate between which brand is superior is often discussed. To emphasize differences and similarities, mention specific characteristics, goals, or achievements of the two.
  2. Christianity & Buddhism: Religion is a very easy and interesting topic to discuss in your essay. When comparing and contrasting, be sure to mention similarities and differences in each belief; to do this you can mention holidays, practices, and religious text.
  3. Rap music & rock music: Genres of music often sound very different from one another, but actually share a lot of the same composition and progressions.
  4. Democrat & Independent: Political parties share an extensive history and are an interesting topic of debate.
  5. President & Prime Minister: The two roles parallel one another, but also have some major key differences. Explore the origin of both seats and discuss the requirements for both.
  6. Cats & Dogs: Though the two seem very different, they do share similarities in anatomy and behavior. You can talk about litter box training, obedience training, and draw parallels between the two.
  7. Action & Horror: This can be about either movie genres or book. Focus on plot trends, dramatic structure, and themes.
  8. North America & South America: When comparing the two continents, you can talk about their history and foundations, laws, demographics, etc.
  9. Facebook & Instagram: Comparing social media is a very new but relevant topic. Facebook and Instagram are both effective for marketing, but they also have different features – elaborate on them.
  10. Tennis & Basketball: Discuss different tournaments, rules, and seasons. When comparing, you can even go so far as to discuss scandals and other news worthy events.
  11. Birds & Dinosaurs: Birds are said to have ancestors that trace back to dinosaurs, so this would be an interesting topic to explore.
  12. Twilight & Harry Potter: The series share many common themes and motifs, but they also share different heroes and obstacles.
  13. Canned fruit & Dried Fruit: Explore the different preparation methods and packaging.
  14. Email & Mail: When comparing mail and email, you can look at how the writing style differs when it’s electronic.
  15. Obama vs. Bush: Look at both presidents’ qualifications prior to presidency, laws that went into effect while they were in office, and criticisms/praise.
  16. Greek Mythology & Roman Mythology: The two share many of the same gods, but some of the stories of their origin differ.
  17. US government & Chinese government: With these two topics, you can look into the different laws and regulations that each country employs.
  18. Coke & Pepsi: This can be tricky to write about based solely on taste; explore the ingredients in both, their history, and the fanbase.
  19. 1990s & 2000s: Comparing decades is very easy to do – analyze the trends, pop culture, and historical events that happened during both.
  20. US currency & UK currency: You can talk about the overall appearance of both currencies, as well as the trends that each has taken, their history, and current and past exchange rates.