APA style paper is not so easy to complete

When you are asked to complete a paper but produce it in the APA style, this is something you must know about and follow to the letter of the law. We're not talking about how well you write the paper, how well you research the paper and how accurate you are in sticking to the topic. All those things are important, very important. But no, here we are talking about your presentation, your layout, the formula you choose to write this paper. It is the format of the APA style.

Not so easy

Now this particular style or layout of essay or paper has been in vogue for decades. Yes, there is a lot of detail involved in it but there are dozens of publications and websites which clearly detail the steps you need to take. Is it easy to produce an essay in the APA style? No, but it can be done if you follow the rules.

Always acquaint yourself with the APA style before you start to write your paper. Don't start writing your paper and then think about the various aspects of your presentation. Get an overall picture of the formula first. For instance you need to know about double spacing of the texts, about indenting paragraphs, about where to place page numbers and most important of all, you need to know about quoting references, about citations.

This bit is very fussy

Whenever you write your paper you will need to quote from a variety of sources. How you do this is all listed in the manual for the APA style. Now when I say fussy I mean that the way you use your quotations in the APA style depends on the source from which you found it. Was it in a book, a periodical, a magazine or from a website? Each one of these sources has a different way of being listed in your paper which is being presented in the APA style. You need to get these correct.

No plagiarism

You will be quoting verbatim from a number of sources. This is how you substantiate the argument you propose in your paper. If you use the words of another writer and you reference them correctly then you are not guilty of plagiarism. But if you do not follow the APA rules as far as a citation is concerned, you could well be guilty of plagiarism. It is not an easy style to master but it can be done.