Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet is one of the most famous and well regarded tragedies written by William Shakespeare. The theme of this famous play revolves around two young lovers whose deaths are the key that reconciles their own respective yet prominent feuding families. This particular play is considered one of Shakespeare’s best works and is frequently performed to this day. Originally, the play has different roots that does not begin with Shakespeare and is based on an Italian tale of which Shakespeare borrowed heavily from. However, due to the development of the characters according to Shakespeare’s own sense of styles, Romeo and Juliet continues to be more associated with Shakespeare. Romeo and Juliet is particularly characterized the sudden transition of comedy and tragedy that is used to heighten the tension and atmosphere in the overall play. Adding to its ingenuity is that it is written in poetic form, which is what makes Romeo and Juliet one of Shakespeare’s most highly revered works.

The dramatic techniques administered in Romeo and Juliet has been particularly received well by critics. It is the use of abrupt shifts between comedy to tragedy that is particularly a strong characteristic and theme that plays out in Romeo and Juliet.. Throughout the play, the audience is intended to be in a breathless state of suspense from the very beginning to the end, and often do not know what to expect. The shifts that occur in the play make it so there are feelings of despair, reprieve, and hope that can be felt by the audience as the play goes on. An additional characteristic of Romeo and Juliet is that the poetic language in the play is written in a blank verse as well as iambic pentameter. These are two forms of writing that makes the play written in a way that is metrical but also written in a form that is consistent to a melodic form. The way the play was written is an extension of the impressive qualities of Romeo and Juliet, which is why it is so highly revered today.

Romeo and Juliet is the perfect example of an ingenious play on many different levels. The overall storyline is compelling and leaves the audience in suspense, while still retaining more subtle characteristics that may not be out rightly picked up on by the audience unless it is being viewed several times over. The amazing characteristics of Romeo and Juliet is unparalleled by any other play and is one of Shakespeare’s best works.