Academic Writing Jobs UK – where can you find those?

Do you miss the process of research and creation that you went through to create excellent essays in college? Or, maybe you’re a history buff who can’t get enough of finding new information on archaeological digs and discoveries? Even if you’re simply a fan of academic writing and need some extra income, freelancing could be your answer.

The world of freelance academic writing is full of opportunities. The average working freelancer can make about £800 per month in additional income – and unlike college, you have the freedom to decide which topics you’d like to complete research on and write about.

Searching for Academic Writing Jobs

As a new freelancer, the internet will be your best bet – and best friend. Multiple sites are available that hire and manage freelancers – some specializing in academic writing. Other options include basic job posting sites that include a “freelance” section.

How it Works

Typically, students and professionals looking for academic writers will post each specific job on a site. The site then charges the freelancer a nominal fee for finding the job and assists the writer and client in the creation of a contract.

What You Will Need

Before you apply for your first position, prepare your freelance “resume”. This includes a number of items:

  • Your resume, tailored to highlight your academic and writing experience
  • Transcripts from your most recent school (and any other academic experiences that relate specifically to the field you would like to write for)
  • A cover letter highlighting your skills, income requirements and time needed for completion of basic research/creation
  • And, most importantly -

  • Writing samples that highlight your experience in research and academic writing

What to Do

  1. Search “Academic Writing” on the internet and review the companies available. Check their pricing and review some of the job postings available.
  2. When you decide which company you would like to partner with, simply follow their instructions on creating a profile.
  3. Upload your information, including writing samples and resume, and begin searching for jobs.
  4. Always read the job posting carefully and make sure you are able to complete the work on time. Clients will list their specific timeframe needs.
  5. Communicate questions and concerns early. Stay in touch with your client as you reach important research and creation milestones. This will help build strong relationships with clients that will hopefully create more work through return customers and great online reviews.
  6. Submit your work.
  7. Enjoy the process.

Academic writing jobs are easy to find if you follow the right process. They are also extremely fulfilling for writers who love the process and want to make some extra income.