Honey & Honey Products

Honey & Honey Products have been researched and explored by many experts including government agencies and federal organizations. In doing so they learn more about how these products are defined and what other ingredients they are made with. In some cases, certain foods are made with what is classified as real honey, while others may be made with what is considered as artificial honey and a mix of other sweeteners. Most people know honey comes from honeycombs that store nectar deposits collected by honeybees. Honey, as a pure element, makes it difficult for other content such as sweeteners or water be added to it.

Pure honey is comprised of natural elements that people have been known to create through the use of other materials. This is where artificial honey and related sweeteners come into play. Pure honey may have a certain amount of minerals, moisture, and acidity that makes it distinctive from artificial honey. There are also different types of honey such as floral, extracted, non-floral, and geographic honey that comes from different regions. Some honey sources offer different flavors, colors, aromas, and overall variation in honey composition. One of the most common forms of honey is from a honeycomb. This is where honey is presented through portions of the comb where it originated.

On the other hand, honey products vary from the form of pure honey. Honey products may contain some honey but they may not meet specified criteria as a product containing whole honey. In some cases it may not be appropriate to mention “honey” on a product label if it does not contain honey or its ingredients does not meet requirements set for a clear definition of honey. There are products that may have honey in them but the purity of it has changed depending on the product. For instance, honey can be processed to have certain ions removed. Honey can protein removed and it can be dried or dehydrated to aid in processing it into a product.

Honey spread, honey extract, and natural honey flavor are other common elements of honey products. In some cases honey is incorporated with other items such as fruit, spices, and nuts for natural flavor enhancement. It is important for people to read labels and understand whether a product labeled with honey actually includes honey. There are different definitions of honey depending on where a product is produced and how pure honey is handled while processing.