How to Write a Unique 5 Page Essay

If you’ve been told to write a 5-page essay from your instructor, do not panic. This is the standard size paper of 2,000 words, and finding enough information to fill these pages is not that difficult to do. To help you write that unique paper, take a look at a few of these tips and put them all too good use.

Research the Topic

Researching the topic is not something that you can avoid if you want to provide a useful and informative essay paper. You must spend the required time researching your paper. There are a number of sources of information available, so use them all. This includes the library and textbooks, tutors and the internet, among others.

Write your Thoughts

You must write facts in the essay paper, but this does not mean that you cannot also write your thoughts with that. As long as the information is based on facts and not your own personal opinions you can include it in the paper and expand on the words without harming the quality of the paper.

Hire a Writing company

If you feel that you cannot possibly write a quality 5 page essay, consider hiring a writing agency to handle the project for you. There are numerous companies who offer this service at a low cost. This will ensure that you good a good grade on your paper. But do your research so that you are working only with a legitimate company.

Take notes

Taking notes is a really good idea. Most students use notecards to jot down ideas and so should you. This is easy and helps you organize your material inside of the essay. You can organize notecards with highlighters or by choosing colored cards.

Use a plagiarism tool

Plagiarism is theft of someone else’s work and it is not something that you want to be a part of. Before you submit your paper use this checker if you have gathered any information off of the internet.


Before submitting your paper make sure that you proofread the document an edit it as needed. so many students fail to do this and turn an amazing paper into something that is not going to make the instructor very happy.

Writing your essay doesn’t have to be any harder than what you make it. Use the tops above and you can be sure that your essay writing Is simple once again.