Climate Change: Is Global Warming To Blame?

It’s no longer a question of whether or not Global Warming is affecting the climate. Studies from around the world have come to the same conclusion: the answer is yes, it definitely does. However, global warming isn’t some mysterious monster that just so happens to be preying on the world. In fact, we all know why global warming is such a threat right now—green gas omissions. While there are natural green gas chemicals being pushed into the atmosphere, a lot of them are unnatural, meaning they’re caused by us, humans. Below are some examples of how global warming is changing our climate.

One of the most prominent problems with these climate changes is the threat it poses to the ecosystem. The prime example is the artic. Already a very sensitive to climate change, the artic has seen a lot of dramatic changes in recent years. The ecosystem needs time to adapt to changes, which it cannot do when these changes keep piling on—all the way from temperature changes to the life forms that are vanishing because of these alterations. When one thing goes, the other species on both side (predator and prey) of its spectrum are feel the heavy impact.

General studies suggest this is because of an effect known as “global dimming.” The pollutants in the air—natural resource gases—makes clouds return more of the sun’s energy back into space. This means that less warmth and power are reaching the earth. I know, this might sound like a savior, but it really isn’t. Global dimming is said to be responsible for some of the world’s most recent, terrible draught where millions have died. It’s also masking what global warming can really do (bad!). If you clean up global dimming but not global warming, you can experience tremendous heat waves like in Europe in 2003 (where thousands of people died).

Sadly, there still remains a large portion of the world’s population who try to discredit and refute scientific finding that global warming is real (all to save a quick buck). Unfortunately, you can’t put a price on the well-being of the planet of its people. Global warming is a serious issue that our nations need to address more seriously; something that needs to be fixed to the best of our abilities before it’s too late. The answer is out there.