Beautiful Mind Essay Writing Help


The main assistance that can be provided for an essay about A Beautiful Mind by Sylvia Nasar is thesis statements. Read the novel and research the life of John Nash Jr. is essential and can help you come up with some thesis statements by narrowing the field to specific topics on his life. The main areas to look at are:

  • John Nash Jr.’s academic career.
  • John Nash Jr.’s scientific career and contributions.
  • His family life.
  • His mental illness.

Each of topics these narrow Nash’s life somewhat while still leaving you with a broad enough platform to work with. It is possible to narrow each of these to even more specific points to think about in formulating a statement on the novel—or movie.

  • What role did John Nash Jr.’s schizophrenia play in his genius? Did it benefit him in any way?
  • How did Nash look at life—social interactions, etc.—in terms of numbers and how did this affect potential and existing relationships?
  • How was John Nash Jr.’s professional and personal life affected by his schizophrenia?
  • Have John Nash Jr.’s life and the novel A Beautiful Mind shined light on schizophrenia and mental illness?

Take notes on anything you turn up in your research and any answers you may have come across. Even strips of information can be building blocks for your thesis statement.


You should reflect what you’ve found and come to conclusions on the facts you’ve gathered. This is another important step in developing your thesis statement.


The main area of writing that you want to focus on is constructing an introduction and the rest of your opening as well as your closing statement. Your introduction—riding on your thesis statement—should be powerful enough to carry your essay. It should state a question with it being in the form of a question and your essay should hold the answer—or in this case, observations and conclusions.

In your opening, you will also give a preview of what the essay is about and what the reader can expect. The essay itself should be well researched and well written to give strength to your closing statement—or closing argument. Your closing will also give a brief review of the essay and tie everything together. In short, it will make everything make sense in fewer words than the essay overall.