How to Write a College Essay On Any Topic

The key to writing any type of college essay on any topic is knowing how to write a college essay in general. If you have mastered all of the basics and have a solid foundation in essay writing, any essay you take on will be a breeze. There are a few steps to the essay writing process that are just about the same no matter what topic you are writing about.

  • Step 1: Brainstorming and Choosing a Topic
  • You cannot write a college essay if you do not have a topic to write about. Once, I had no idea how to expand the idea of my topic, so I decided to find an expert writer to write me an essay. In some cases, you might already have a general topic to work with, but you will still have to narrow it down to something more specific. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that if you could write an entire book on your topic, it is almost certainly too broad for your essay. Pick one aspect of the topic to make the writing process more manageable.

  • Step 2: Start to Research
  • Research is always an important part of writing an essay. Your research will obviously go a lot quicker if you already know quite a bit about the topic, but you will still need to find credible sources that you can cite in your essay. The types of materials you use in your essay will depend on what type of essay you are writing and what topic you are writing about, but having strong research skills will get you far in writing any kind of essay.

  • Step 3: Outlining and Drafting
  • Some people prefer to make an outline before they begin writing, while others like to dive right in. You may not need a complete outline, but you should at least have an idea as to what your thesis and main points are. Then you can start to write the paper. By the way before asking someone 'write my university essay', you should at least imagine approximate outline of upcoming writing.

  • Step 4: You Aren’t Done When the First Draft Is Done
  • Many college students are all too willing to call their paper finished the moment the last word is typed, or even worse, the moment they reach the minimum page requirement. This is going to negatively impact your grade even if you are a very gifted writer. Once you are done it is important to revise and edit your paper. You absolutely must read over the paper to edit it for grammar issues and spelling problems. If you want to write a good essay, you should also consider substantially revising the draft several times. It might even be useful to have your professor critique the draft. Don’t make the mistake of skipping this last step, because it will be evident to your professor that you haven’t done a thorough job on the essay. This is true for virtually any essay topic.